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I just received my 755T and was checking out all the Mac software available. RoadTrip looks like it could be useful, but I have no idea how to get the maps from the GPS into the program.

I did manage to get the unlock code setup... Any ideas?

me too!

I'm looking for the same info for getting my 760 map to be available with Road Trip. Like you, I have retrieved the unlock code online and Road Trip sees the code, but says the product is not installed. I've tried to figure it out using Map Install and Map Manager for the Mac but so far no luck. Still looking.....


nuvi 760


I was hoping someone on here could answer mine and the OP's question. Thanks in advance for any help.


nuvi 760

From everything I have read

From everything I have read everywhere else, there is no way to get the maps from your GPS into Roadtrip or Mapsource. You have to purchase the maps or get a free upgrade and when you run the install it puts them into the program.

Just a Suggestion

When you’ve got your Nuvi hooked to your computer, run Road Trip. In the upper info bar, you’ve two choices: send to or receive from. Hit the receive from choice and see if it downloads every place you’ve been on the Nuvi. That’s what I did and it loads the maps at the same time.
Good luck.

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Thanks for the tip, blue,

Thanks for the tip, blue, I'll try that when I get home.

That didn't help, blue. I

That didn't help, blue. I booted up Roadtrip and ran the retreival from the unit, and it just pulled the Favorites I had on there.

I have e-mailed Garmin to see if I can get a disc of Roadtrip or Mapsource with the maps on it.

Contacted Garmin

I got a response from Garmin. You can purchase the maps for $15 from them.

Transferring route gpx file to Nuvi 760

How do I send just the GPX file to my Nuvi 760. All I seem to be able to do is send the smartfolder which has a gdb file extention.


Try This

I believe the only way to transfer from the Nuvi to your Mac is if you’ve traveled on a route. Remember, Nuvi saves a ‘trail’ of where you’ve been. Once you’ve done that, it will transfer your route and the map. Give it a try.

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