CBS Story: Your Texas (and other states) Red Light Ticket Could soon Be Null And Void


Texas judge rules against red light tickets. This could also be the case with many other automated ticketing systems in the US.


Don't even think this bozo judge is going to win this

He will be overturned in a heart beat, to much money in play. Remember, as we all know safety has not a thing to do with it either. With the busted economy ,the cities & states won't sit still for this bozo, they will just go to a judge Higher up in the chain.

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Don't even think this bozo judge is going to win this

The law is the law. If they have been operating without the proper licenses their evidence is illegal.

Of course, they could get the licenses now and continue to operate legally.

I wonder if those caught so far could sue the company and the municipality for false arrest.

Should hold up in a heartbeat, but money does talk.

Maybe the good guys can score one!!