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Once an active member always an active member? Once I get my little windmill, it is not forever? How sad. I was busy for a couple of weeks and have not been on much, so no more windmill. Do the same rules apply to keeping it as to receiving it? 3 weeks out of 5? How do you get a compass? And the other little icons (I think it is a trophy)? What do they all mean?

DJKM wrote: How do you get

DJKM wrote:

How do you get a compass? And the other little icons (I think it is a trophy)? What do they all mean?

Put your cursor on the icon and it will tell you what it is.

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The POI contributor badge (compass) stays once you've earned it, but the other badges come and go based on activity.

Welcome back smile



How many are there? How do you get them (what do you have to do?)


The common ones are POI contributor (for people who share POI files) and active user (posts in 3 of the last 5 weeks).

Other badges are given out by Miss poi for weekly recognition.


Man on Man!

Well I better start getting on a little bit more. Right now I'm having some health issues which I hope to get under control soon. I had a spinal infection a few years ago (Yes I got this in the hospital). Oh well back to the meds again . I hate taking pills.

Don't take my wind mill away grin Just kidding!


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Gone With The Wind

Lost my Windmill, but working hard to get it back. This site is far to good to lose out on

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