Garmin software updates


I updated my c550 and I am not happy with the changes. I am wondering what others think of the changes.

The first thing I noticed is the traffic information. Before it showed a list of all traffic issues, listed in order of distance. If you wanted map view you could push the map button. Now there is no list. I HATE it! I don't like having to scroll through the maps to see the one that I want to see, I like the list so I could pick it out. Otherwise the other traffic information changes are great. It seems like it gives you more information.

Second, my icons I created Custom POI's no longer show up. I noticed some of you have the same problem. Question, have you figured out why and how to correct it? I took the time to create them and would like to use them, plus I the icons are so much more fun that a gray dot on the map.

Any suggestions or thoughts? How do you like the changes?


Agree with you

I agree with your comments on the traffic info.
Especially, in areas where I'm familiar with the road names, I like the old way.

However, I do think that for traveling in unfamiliar areas and not having a clue as to what the roads are (other than the major ones that I might be on like I-10, 40, 95 etc), the new way might work better for me. I'm still a little undecided, but have a trip coming up at the end of May.

They are still listed in order of distance, just a heck of a lot more finger taps to get there and back to the map.
I do like the time of delay that pops up on the screen if in traffic.

On the matter of the custom icons not showing's a known problem. If enough of us call Software Support maybe that will hurry up the fix. Here is part of what I received after emailing them about the problem.

""Thank you for contacting Garmin International. I will be happy to help you with this. I apologize for your inconvenience on this matter. Unfortunately you will have to call us at 1-800-800-1020 between 8-5 cst
and choose option #1 and ask for software support.""

Now it's just a waiting thing

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