How do I remove a POI file from my Garmin


I recently installed the red light POI on my Garmin 530. When I go to my computer and open the Garmin directory there is a POI folder indicating the file size 204K . However the red light file is 139K. I assume there is a file or files that came with the unit. Does anyone know. I want to remove the file from the internal memory and put in on the SD card

use poi loader

If you use the beta version of the poi loader you have an option of removing custom poi's, I think this is what you need. Find it at this link

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Gadget guy wrote:

I haven't tried it, but I would assume you can drag and drop the folder, from the internal memory "drive" to the flash drive. You can also use the beta POI-Loader to remove the POI files, I do it all the time for testing.

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Thanks for the help

The POI Beta worked well

re: I changed the file to Excel

Gadget guy wrote:

I tried to open the file and when it asked what program to open with I clicked excel. It converted the file, which I can't undo, and now web updater doesn't work. How do I convert the garmin POI folder back or can I get the orginal POI from Garmin

1. Not quite sure what file you tried to work on. If it is the "POI.gpi" file located on your GPS, I don't think you have anything to worry about. The POI.gpi resides in a folder called POI which is located under Garmin. It only contains YOUR custom POI's. In that case, the Webupdater program not working would be coincidental and I would try rebooting my computer, and if that didn't work, I would try reloading webupdater.

2. You didn't convert the file when you opened it, you established a file association on your PC which tells it that any .gpi file is an Excel file and that any .gpi file will automatically open with Excel and display the Excel icon.
a. The file will still work on your Garmin
b. To remove the file association on your PC, go to the control panel on your PC and open "Folder Options". Choose the Tab for "File Types" and after it finds all of the associations, scroll down to GPI and then hit the button to remove it.

3. In the future, I would recommend that you use POI Uploader (beta) to remove custom POIs as this is safer. If you removed or change some other file by accident, you would definitely need Garmins help.

Let me know if this solves your problem.

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Reply to Problem with POI file

Prior to your response I found I had the original file. I used the POI Beta updater to remove the file, as was suggested in two responses I received, and reinstalled it. Yes it was the file you reference in your reply that I fooled with. Once I reinstalled it the web updater worked flawlessly. I'm sure your right about it being a coincidence - either I'm back on course.

Thanks for your response