Private investigators licensee needed


Dallas Lawyer Says Red Light Cameras Unconstitutional
Reported by: Ashley Alderman
Tuesday, Dec 2, 2008 @06:23pm CST

AMARILLO TX-- A lawyer in Dallas says red light cameras are unconstitutional and a district judge agrees, but that doesn't mean Amarillo cameras are coming down yet.

Dallas attorney Lloyd Ward has filed a lawsuit against American Traffic Solutions, the company that runs Amarillo's red lights.

The lights are equipped with cameras that catch people running through them.

The argument is this, Lloyd Ward says ATS's contract with the City of Dallas says they have a right to prosecute violators, but according to a state statute, to prosecute violators the company, or individuals need to have a private investigators licensee.

That's something he says ATS doesn't have.

The city attorney here in Amarillo says the case will likely be appealed, and until a final decision is made it won't affect Amarillo.

A statement sent to us from ATS says, "We believe the case is without merit and are reviewing it closely.

ATS is in the process of hiring local legal counsel, and will work closely with our partners on appropriate next steps to ensure this case is quickly dismissed."


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that's very interesting.

Just today I've heard on the radio that intersections with these traffic cameras have brought accidents down by 30%. They considered these sites "sample sites".