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Hello Poi Factory Members,

I've been a member awhile but seem to have spent all my time here absorbing rather than contributing. Wow, what a wealth of information!

My Garmin history goes all the way back to the GPS III which really didn't do much except show you a map (black and white) and your location on a fairly rudimentary map. The StreetPilot 2610 was my first major upgrade and as I type this a Nuvi 760 is on a UPS truck headed my way and destined to replace my 660. Reason for the latest upgrade. The 760 finally has all the features of the 2610 (breadcrumbs, routes etc) but in the more svelte package and the price has fallen into 'can't say no any longer' territory.

Sorry for the ramble. Thanks to everyone for all the tips and tricks available here for various models and to our host for making the forum possible.


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We are POI Factory. Resistance was futile. You have been assimilated. smile

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See it's nice to come out of the dark closet hehehehehehe..Welcome razz

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Welcome to the club, it is nice to meet you.

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I'm sure you're learning a lot here as I am.

Enjoy your new nuvi!

That's funny...

That's funny. You don't look New(Ish)! laugh out loud

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Just waiting for your contributions, they should be great with your background and Knowledge of GPSr's.

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Thanks for the warm

Thanks for the warm welcomes.

I have indeed been around GPS' for awhile (my wife swears I'd follow one off a cliff) mostly as they apply to motorcycles.

I host a motorcycle webpage that includes a tutorial for finding the perfect GPS for whatever the purpose might be:

The biggest problem is keeping up with all the offerings. The page isn't that old but many of the units shown are now gone from the Garmin lineup. How many Nuvi's does the world need anyway? wink

Thanks again Miss POI for all the time/effort you put into maintaining the POI factory.


Garmin GPS III, GPS V, StreetPilot 2610, Mobile 10, Nuvi 660, Nuvi 760


smile Welcome to the great site of GPS hope you enjoy

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