SEPTA - Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority


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Last updated 11/24/2008

Raw file: SEPTA.csv (29.19 KB)

Includes 285 locations in the following areas:

  • United States: DE, NJ, PA
  • some may be in: MD (near a border)

All SEPTA (general Philadelphia area) stations for regional trains (Rxxx), Trolley (Txx), Broad Street Line (BSL), Broad Ridge Spur (BRS), and Market Frankford Line (MFL) created from the SEPTA map.

The general convention is:
route name-station name SEPTA.
Ex: R5-Downingtown Station SEPTA

When a station handles multiple routes, each route is listed. When R1, R2, R3, R5, R6, R7, and R8 are serviced by a station, the routes are abbreviated "R1-R8" (without the quotes) so that everything fits on two lines. When T10, T11, T13, T34, and T36 are serviced by a station, the routes are abbreviated "All T" or just "T".

When the SEPTA map shows a transfer from one station to another nearby station, then "(xfer route names)" appears before the station name. The below example shows the Market Frankford Line goes to the 30th St station and you can transfer to R1, R2, R3, R5, R6, R7, R8, T10, T11, T13, T34, T36, Amtrak, and NJT. Whew!
Ex: MFL (xfer R1-R8 T Amtrak NJT)-30th St MFL Station SEPTA

A SEPTA icon was submitted by geocamp. - good link for new users on how to load POI files into GPS unit. Once loaded into the GPS unit, Garmin users can select "Where To?", "Extras", "Custom POIs", and finally "Septa".

Corrections are welcome, and can be posted in the discussion thread listed below or sent to me by my contact tab.

1. Corrected location of T11 Darby station and T13 Yeadon station. Thank-you Geocamp.
2. Moved R102 Springfield Rd station.
3. Moved R102 Sharon Hill station.

Multiple entries for 8th St, 13th St, 15th St, 30th St, and Fairmount stations were changed to a single entry with multiple routes.

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