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Hello All,

I stumbled onto your site today while surfing for POI’s and like it so much that I joined. Let me begin by saying that I am very impressed with your site and the assistance you provide to fellow GPS users.

I started out with a Street Pilot 2610 years ago and fell in love. I then purchased the slightly more portable 76CS which I still use for boating & hiking. I also bought a set of RINO’s when they first came out. For travel I later bought a Guest 2 which I still use. The most recent member to my Garmin family is the 660 that I purchased last week which is why I was looking for POI’s today.

Hopefully I will have enough time to participate with your site and perhaps even help out with some of your POI projects once I get the swing of things.



We are POI will be assimilated. smile

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Welcome, Let me emphasize


Let me emphasize that you can get all your questions answered here. There is no other site out there like this one. It is a GPS heaven!

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Nice to meet you Jay. My name is Jay too.

This is such an invaluable site, I don't even know where to begin.

I'm sure you'll spend a lot of time browsing the site and finding great information.

Enjoy your GPS!


Welcome Jay, Great to have you with us.
This is a cool site.You will find a wealth of info here. grin
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Garmin nuvi,750


Glad to have you and look forward to your contributions.


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Members make the difference

I've been on this site for about a month now and have found everyone to be helpful and responsive. The information provided is invaluable.

This community is awesome. Thank you to all of the members.

Another new member...

Just purchased a Garmin 680, and I'm looking to load it with some useful POIs. I do have some questions on loading POIs, but I will try to find the answers myself before tossing them into the forum.


Jay and ZZsutton
Your going to love being part of this community, the people are warm,smart and the very best you can get when it comes to GPSr knowledge. And the best thing is the wealth gets shared among us all.

The best thing the two of you can do is read these two threads:

Then ask your questions, you will be amazed at how fast it gets answered, simply amazed. I look forwared to your contributions.


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most important have fun

most important have fun

Jay and ZZsutton

Jay and ZZsutton,
Welcome to the community!! I look forward to watching your growth and sharing great GPS info with you.

Miss POI

Welcome to the NEWBIES

Welcome Jay and zzsutton grin

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Welcome and

glad you are with us,look forward to seeing you around. smile

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Welcome to this site! I have found it very very helpful in many ways, and I suspect that you will as well.

Welcome to the site.

The POI Factory is a great site for getting POI's and information related to POI's and GPS's. It is easy to spend lots of time exploring the site to get valuable information and gain knowledge. The POI's are great and have been very helpful to me while navigating throughout the country.


Welcome! It is amazing how much knowledge so many of the people here have. No instruction manual even comes close to what you can learn here.

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You'll love it!

Hi Jay. Welcome aboard!

I just joined the site a week ago and I've quickly learned this is my one stop shop on everything GPS. Lots of great folks here! From questions to advice to discussion on all sorts of topics. Jump in and start navigating!


Hi Jay, Wait till you

Hi Jay,

Wait till you discover the world of making your own audible alert files! You're gonna LOVE THAT! I have a few of my off the wall ones on here someplace, maybe someone can find the link to them and post it in this thread?!

Duuuuuuuh, I found it!!

Me thinks the brain cells are not functioning at full capacity today! (LOL)

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New Member help

zzsutton wrote:

Just purchased a Garmin 680, and I'm looking to load it with some useful POIs. I do have some questions on loading POIs, but I will try to find the answers myself before tossing them into the forum.

Good idea but remember - there is always help on this site. Welcome aboard.