Nuvi 780 problems & fixes


I, like many others on here, have had a lot of problems with my Nuvi 780. It's been taking 4-6 minutes to "load maps". I have updated the software many times to no avail. Yesterday I wrote Garmin and told them of the issue. They wanted me to update the software again. I already had the latest so I told them that wouldn't help. They wrote back and want me to send the unit to them. My question is, has anyone else done this and if you have, has the unit come back working properly. Did you get a new unit or the same one?


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push for a new unit, i had 2 760's go bad, i told them i wanted a new unit, got a 765T with msn reciever !!!

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780 Problems

I too had problems after updating the software in July. It messed up a lot of things including Bluetooth. I worked closely with one of the techs, who knew Macs, and after trying several different ‘fixes’ he finally told me to return the unit, gave me an RMA and said I'd get a new one. That happened. There are still issues with the Bluetooth, but everything else is functioning properly. I’ve asked him about the Bluetooth update, since it has no series number. I’m not going to load it until he gives me the OK. For those who tried to back date their software, from what I understand, they will have to return the units to get them fixed properly.
Me thinks Garmin made some mistakes here and they are trying to rectify them. I’d still not give up my Nuvi. Have tried other brands and even with an occasional mess-up, Garmin is way out in front.

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