Natural Artesian Spring Water


I would like POI's of natural artesian spring mineral drinking water everywhere in the USA. I only one I know of exactly is located in Willimantic, Connecticut at the corner of Storrs Rd, and Foster Dr. The water is for free and it tastes better than tap water. Sometimes the city works department sets a large a cement block on top to prevent access.

-72.207681, 41.726459,"Artesian Spring Water Willimantic","Corner of Storrs Rd and Foster Dr"

41.726459 °
N 41 ° 43' 35.3"
41 ° 43.5875' (degree m.mmmm)

-72.207681 °
W 72 ° 12' 27.7"
-72 ° 12.4609' (degree m.mmmm)

Artesian Wells

Found a web site,, with 900 well locations. Don't know if all of them are artesian wells. One north of the Great Salt Plains lake in Oklahoma is at N36 48.676' W98 10.557' right on OK-11.