Contributors of the week 2007-02-19


This week we are recognizing Sammig and Mkahn with honorable mentions to ADCSUNSN and Lsmonop.

Sammig did an outstanding job finding all the Lexus dealerships. Mkahn, what can I say? You continue to be a very important part of our team here at POI Factory.

ADCSUSNS continued his work on the ham radio repeater locations and Lsmonop was extremely helpful in the forums.

Thanks everyone,

Miss Poi

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Thanks again, Miss POI

It is a pleasure to work with you guy's on this site and I am willing to provide any help I can. As other's have said, it is an extremely friendly and easy to use site. Credit to both you and JM. Looking forward to the improvements.
BTW, In the heirachy, I am not available to "Take out the Garbage".

Garmin StreetPilot c530, Mapsource

Thanks miss poi


Friendly group and great information. You got it all.

Jerry KC0QR

Thank you

Without so many interesting questions, well, there'd be no answers.
There are many people coming to this site, and we are all helping and learning.
It's been great watching the Factory grow, maybe too fast.
It's been a joy.

........Garmin StreetPilot c550 / Nüvi 765...........

I'm back

And many thanks to you for a nice place to hang out.


p.s. It's warm in Florida:)

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