Which Nuvi?


My apologies if this has already been discussed but I need some help.

I have a Nuvi 260w and have found that I'd like to have a couple of features that I didn't think I'd use originally.

I want a unit that has bluetooth, speaks street names and maybe the traffic feature. I am looking at the 265WT and the 760. Any suggestions on either of them?

Also, is the traffic feature something that is a fee base feature?

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re: Which Nuvi

I haven't personally used either of these units.

They're about the same price at Amazon.com.

The 265WT is newer than the 760.

The 265WT includes free traffic (albeit with ads), the 760 would require a subscription. Garmin recently changed traffic subscriptions from $60/yr to $60/lifetime.

Other benefits of the 265WT:

Hot fix gets satellites faster.
Terrain maps if you zoom way out.
Redesigned interface with more viewing options
Photo navigation
Allows you to send destinations to the unit from Mapquest, etc.
Automatic Timezones

Other benefits of the 760:

MP3 Player
FM Transmitter
Multi-Destination Routing-This is a biggie if you often have to go to various addresses and aren't sure what order is the most efficient.

Battery life is stated as up to 4 hours for the 265WT and up to 5 hours for the 760, but you probably won't get near that much.

760 gets wonderful reviews. 265WT is a newer model and I haven't seen much in the way of reviews, although I think they'll be good.

Personally and this is just me, I'd go for the 265WT, or move up to the 765T.

Which Nuvi 680?

Just bought, for a friend, a refurbed 680 from Amazon for $200. 2009 Maps, 1 yr MSN, Full year warranty. Certainly seems like a sweet unit. Initial reviews on this product back in 07 were v good and find it much nicer than 250/260 or Mag Crossover. Only hiccup was registration and updating software. It did not like Firefox, but finally accomplished with I.E. Customer service on prob was less than 24hr. Magellan on it's best day was never that quick- if they answered at all

I have been looking at the

I have been looking at the Nuvi 255 or 255W. I don't care about Bluetooth, but I want a unit that speaks street names. The reviews on these units have been pretty good, and they are much less than the 7XX models.

Side-by-side comparison

nicko99 wrote:

I am looking at the 265WT and the 760. Any suggestions on either of them?

Here's a side-by-side comparision at Garmin:

Here's a review on the nuvi 760:


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which Nuvi

I have the Nuvi 760 and it has pretty much all the features you might want


Is there a disadvantage with 760 since it is going away? Like support from garmin. As I read it, they don't do many updates to existing software anyway.

It Depends...

In my opinion, much depends on how you will use the GPS - if you are a gadget guy then you will want the latest and greatest, are willing to pay more and will use it to its fullest. On the other hand, if you want the basics, you can get last years model for much less...

Free Traffic (with ads)

How "intrusive" are these ads that appear with the "Free Traffic" feature?