Deleting POI"s


I"m new to this, and I was wondering if there is a way to delete custom POI"s without having to delete all POI's that I downloaded. I would appreciate some feedback on this issue....thanks............waiting to here from someone soon

to delete or not too delete

Put poi's on your desktop....the poi loader will prompt you to put 'em on your gps. After you have some on your gps and you want to remove them so you have room for more....take the current poi's off of your desktop and put the new one's onto your desktop. Hint: I keep a seperate folder on my desktop called poi's....I keep all my old one's....or future one's in there. Of course the permanent fix would be to buy a 2 gig mem card. Hope this helps.

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Be sure to update using your poi loader after you have moved your old poi's off of the desktop and put your new one's on.

Wherever you go....there you are.

to delete or not delete

hey todd,

thanks for your help that worked. I deleted it from my folder on my desktop and reinstalled it to my GPS and it removed the ones I wanted off...Thanks again for your help.

No problem

I am just getting started in this stuff myself...I see addiction in my seems like the people here make this site great!!

Wherever you go....there you are.

I am trying to delete all

I am trying to delete all the POI's off of my c330. How do I do that?

deleting poi's

just load a poi file with only one poi, all the others will be removed...or

d/l the beta version of poi loader and you will have the option of removing custom poi's
then run it again to load the poi's you want loaded.

link to download beta version of poi loader

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