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Can anyone tell me, which GPS unit screen can be adjusted to be seen best, in all lighting conditions. I understand some screens are not very visible in bright daylite, but can be too bright for nite driving?


auto adjust

My Garmin Nuvi 660 automatically adjusts. The background turns black when it gets dark and white in daylight. It also has a glare free screen to make it easier to see in all lighting conditions.

Garmin Nuvi 660

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Garmin C530

In reading the specs, I think you want to look for "automotive grade" screen, and auto-adjust capability for night vs daylight, and I suspect most if not all have that latter capability. My C530 has the auto-grade screen, unlike some earlier models, and is quite easy to see in daylight, as well as at night when it changes modes automatically - but there is a brightness adjustment on the unit as well. This is one main reason I chose this unit instead of others I considered, and of course I'm glad now. Hope that helps.

Garmin Streetfinder C530

NUVI 660/ Etrex Vista

I use the Etrex vista when I am out on the trail at night. It has a lighted screen that can be adjusted and I am able to see it well and still not give away my position. I do however have to have it at the right angle to see it well in the bright sunlight.

My NUVI 660 however, is awesome in all lighting conditions. It automatically adjust backlighting to daylight or nightime mode, and it still has an adjustable brightness control so you can get it just the way you want.

NUVI 660, ETREX Vista, Rhino 120

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Garmin screens

I originally had a 340, then a 530 and settled with a 350. The screens are listed as follows

StreetPilot 340 64,000 color QVGA transflective TFT touch screen

StreetPilot 530 64,000 color Automotive-grade, sunlight-readable, anti-glare TFT LCD display

Nüvi 350 64,000 color bright QVGA transflective anti-glare TFT with touch screen

according to the tech at Garmin and from what I experienced the 530 and 350 screens have the same "automotive grade" display. He wasn't sure why they were listed with differing terms on their website.

An easy way to tell in a retailer is to hold it to a light and look at the reflection. The anti-glare screen will diffuse the light and appear to be a "matte" finish, the regular screens will reflect light and have a "glossy" appearance.

Hope this helps.

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Brightness changes

By default, the c340 switches from Daytime to Nighttime mode automatically (at sunrise and sunset), but I really didn't like the Nighttime mode (i.e. black background), so I changed the color mode setting from "Auto" to "Daytime."

The interesting thing is, even though it is no longer changing the color mode, it still changes the Brightness level automatically. It switches to 100% brightness at sunrise, and switches to 30% brightness at sunset, so that the screen is not too bright to look at after dark. I was pleased to discover this.

The screen washes out a little if the sun it hitting the screen directly, but I tilt my screen down very slightly to eliminate most reflections from outside my car and I'm very pleased overall with the visibility of items on the screen.

Buz (Garmin StreetPilot c340 with GTM 12 Traffic Receiver)

The only downside to my 330

The only downside to my 330 is that the screen is very reflective in direct sunlight. I haven't tried tilting it yet. Also, if you have polarized sunglasses, it will was the screen out a little and give it a green tint. Not as bad as it does with my IPod screen though. Makes it totally washed out.

Anywhere to buy a screen

Anywhere to buy a screen protect ?

Check out this website for

Check out this website for screen protector

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

Best Buy?

I've seen some "screen protectors" at Best Buy. The static cling type. They have them in specific sizes and some that are meant to be trimmed. I've thought about trying them, with all the touching of the screen and map browsing and poking and prodding etc... But, with a little eyeglass cleaner and eyeglass cloth, the original screen is like new.
Think I'll still give the protector thing a try.

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