Benjamin Moore


I just got my first gps nave, a nuvi 760. It has lowes, home depot, dulux paint stores, sherwin willliams etc but the benjamin moore chain of paint stores are independantly owned so each has a different name. Searching for Bejamin moore doesnt help since thats not part of the listed name. I could add bejamin moore to the end of the names and make new poi, i think, but most of these POI addresses are already on the map, how will that work?


No Different

It will not be any different than any of the other poi files on this site. All the custom poi's you search by the EXTRA button - not in the factory list. They are totally separate.

It sounds like the easiest thing would be to make your own poi file, then you can name each store as you wish.


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Gotcha Thanks, I'll probably

Gotcha Thanks, I'll probably do the BM stores for CT.