Garmin Nuvi 680


I had been wondering when the new Garmin Nuvi 680 was going to be released so I decided to send an email to Garmin Sales, for those who are unaware of the differences between the Nuvi 660 and 680, everything is identical except the 680 now comes with MSN (movies, weather, traffic, gas prices) updated frequently. Well to my amazement I was told that "Best Buy" already had them in stock. I really didn't believe so I decided to go to a couple of Best Buys in Southern California and, yes that have them in stock and selling them for $999.99, also selling the 660 for $899. but I know for a fact you can purchase the 660 now for about $650 if you go to Price Grabber and do a search for vendors.

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT

Not at TigerGPS

If BestBuy has them, I wonder why they're not available yet at TigerGPS.

I eagerly await a review of the difference in traffic information. I ended up getting the 660 because I couldn't wait until March (and I wouldn't have wanted to pay BestBuy prices to get it sooner even had I known they were in stock).

Garmin probably inked a deal

Garmin probably inked a deal with Best Buy to give them first crack at selling the 680. That could explain why a lot of internet sites don't have it yet.

I'm sure at some point they'll make the MSN content portion something you can purchase if there's enough demands for an upgrade path. Frankly though, with the FM traffic power/antenna being over $200 direct from Garmin, I shudder at the thought of how much the MSN/Traffic unit wil cost.

I can only tell you that

I can only tell you that most of the vendors won't be selling them till the official release in April is what I hear and why Best Buy got them early, it seems no one wants to say.

NickJr Nuvi 3597LMT