Loading POIs into Magellan RoadMate 800


How do I load POI's into my Magellan roadmate 800, Specifically red light POI's

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stop sign/speeding cameras...

I wish to add the speed camera and stop light POIs to the 4250...need to know how to do this...as far as the general POIs go, I agree that the 4250 has enough...however, it doesn't have the stop light/speed camera info that I'd like to add...please help someone...


Bone Crusher wrote:

I wish to add the speed camera and stop light POIs to the 4250...

For the second time:

I'm pretty sure that has been covered on here IN DETAIL already. Have you done a search? Have you looked at the Magellan FAQs ?? Do you have the original Magelllan CD ?? Do you have a USB cord ??

I am willing to help but I will NOT do your work for you......and search out what is already here.....or try to repeat the whole thing from scratch.

I will be happy to help answer specific questions but you're gonna have to do a little bit yourself.

Magellan Maestro 4250// MIO C310X

I had some spare time :)

1. Install the Magellan POI File Editor that came with your Maestro on a CD
2. Connect your Maestro to your PC using a USB/Mini USB cord. (Depending on the model number the cord was or wasn’t provided.)
3. Your Maestro should be recognized as an external hard drive labeled TFAT (if you open My Computer or Windows Explorer/My Computer)
4. Start Magellan POI File Editor program on your PC
5. Go File/Open and find your downloaded .csv file that contains the POI’s you’d like to load
6. In window Open make sure under Files of type you select either All Files or Ascii Files (*.ASC; *.CSV; *.TXT); otherwise your .csv file will not be recognized because by default is Magellan files (*.MGLN)
7. In Import wizard (next window) select Start importing from line: 1 (in case your file has labels in the top raw select 2; majority of the .csv files from this site don’t have labels) and as Separator select Comma; Click Next
8. In the drop-down menu (on the top of each column highlighted space with an arrow down) for the first column select Longitude; second Latitude; third Name fourth (if you have fourth) Description; Click Finish
9. On the left side of your Magellan POI File Editor window you should have a purple dot labeled Default category; Click twice fast on it with you left mouse button or once with right mouse button and select Modify
10. In your next window (Edit Category) under Name and Description you can fill in your name for that POI category. Under Image you can select one of the preloaded images (this will be your POI icon on the screen; Magellan doesn’t allow loading of custom made icons); Check box for Display this category on the Magellan Maestro map screen if you want them displayed; Under Alert select Distances in: either Meters or Feet; Enter information you want for your Distance 1 and Distance 2; Select your Tone 1 and Tone 2 (Magellan has 3 preloaded tones: Beep, Chime and Bell; Magellan doesn’t allow loading of custom made tones); Enter information for Detection angle (by default is 90 degrees, but to avoid false alerts or at least to reduce them I personally have this value set to 30 and haven’t yet missed a camera ahead of me); Check box next to Activate alert for this category (it’s a must for the camera files; for all other custom made POI files is by your preference)
11. If you press Save (File/Save or pressing on the icon Save) the POI file will be saved as .MGLN file under the same name as your original .csv file in the same folder on your PC. It hasn’t been transferred to your Maestro yet! To accomplish that, you need to go File/Transfer or pressing on the icon Transfer (big green arrow). This assumes your Maestro is connected to your PC.
12. Close Magellan POI File Editor window
13. Check that the new made file is in your Maestro before disconnecting it from your PC
14. Go My Computer/TFAT/USR/CPOI; Your file should be there; If it isn’t, you can manually drag and drop the file into this folder (my preferred method)
15. Before you physically disconnect your Maestro make sure you disconnect it using Safely Remove Hardware and Eject Media button

Deficiencies and limitations of the Maestro Line and Magellan POI File Editor:
1. Each POI File can’t have more than 10 categories and 10,000 POI’s
2. You can load as many as you want POI files to your Maestro (this as many as you want depends on the available space on your Maestro hard drive) but you can’t use more than one at once.

Tip for merging of .MGLN POI files: You can copy complete categories from one .MGLN file and paste them into another file. Right mouse click on the selected category; select Copy; open the file you want to copy to; right mouse click on the space where categories are listed and select Paste.

To activate your new made POI file on your Maestro go Menu/POI Files/Enhanced POI Files/Select Your POI File and that’s it. Enjoy it.

a big thank you...

That was very, very cool of you to provide this...some other person was a little rude but you made the process easy. I was successful with the update following your guide.

I really appreciate you taking the time to do this to help out...I hope others can access this...in fact, the moderators should post this someplace quite visible for all to see...

Take care and thank you again...Happy New Year!


I agree, BUT......

Bone Crusher wrote:

That was very, very cool of you to provide this...some other person was a little rude but you made the process easy.

I agree that it was nice of him. I also agree that it should be added to the Magellan FAQ, even if it might be mostly a duplication of what is already there because it was well done.

HOWEVER......there is a BIG difference between bluntly honest and rude. Forums like this would quickly become pretty bloated and useless if EVERYBODY asked the same questions over and over and over and never looked at previous postings first.

I think YOU need to re-think your attitude about "rude".

Magellan Maestro 4250// MIO C310X


If someone is not familiar with other posts, or is new, there is no fault with asking a question.

Luckily, there are those who will help...when I first posed the question, you could have easily posted a link to the process...but you didn't...instead, you complained, making it sound like many of us are simply lazy.

In psychology, we call this projection...


Bone Crusher wrote:

In psychology, we call this projection...

That's not projection at all. Maybe you should brush up on the definition.

Letting someone talk you into doing something simple FOR them that they can easily do themselves is ENABLING. What you are enabling is their laziness and it really doesn't help them in the long run.

I was trying to say it in a relatively nice way but now it IS rude: Yes, if you take the easy way out and try to bait someone else into wasting their time repeating a LONG proceedure that is already on here at least once......then you ARE being lazy and selfish.

There in nothing rude in politely suggesting that the answer is already here and they just need to search a bit. Nothing.

What ***IS*** rude and wasteful is complaining about the mere suggestion that you should expend a little effort yourself before asking for help.....that you don't really need.....and creating a big, long, pointless thread of messages that is totally worthless.

Magellan Maestro 4250// MIO C310X

found out you can have 2 poi

found out you can have 2 poi editors running and cut and paste categories between them to build multi category poi file.

Magellan Roadmate 3045LM

I am not very good at understanding computer language beyond the basic. Can I pay you to walk me through the process over the phone to help me download GPS POI red light camera to my Magellan.


Can Not Activate Red Light POI File On My Magellan 3045

my magellan 3045lm does not have an option buttion to acativate my red light file after I downloaded to the GPS. Now what am I to do. Please help. sad

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