Garmin redlight


how do I download redlight camera info from this websitr to my Garmin nuvi 250w?

Welcome to the site.

Here's the information on getting the redlight file itself downloaded to your computer.

Read through the 'getting started' and 'faqs' sections linked at the top of each page. Those sections will provide you with TONS of information.

Here's the basic procedure for loading Custom POIs to Garmin GPS units.

Download and install Garmin's POI Loader onto your computer in order to LOAD Custom POI files onto your GPS unit.

Then create a folder on your computer for your Custom POI files.

Download and/or create whatever Custom POI files you want to load onto your GPS unit and place ALL of them in that folder and keep them there.

Attach your GPS unit to your computer with a USB cable. (Alternately, if you have a unit that will read the Custom POIs from the SD card, attach or insert the SD card to the computer.)

Run the POI Loader program that you installed to your computer and follow the prompts.

Select your GPS unit (or SD card if applicable) as the destination for the Custom POIs in the POI Loader screen. Use the drop down arrow if necessary.

When it asks for the location of the data, Select 'Browse ...' and navigate to the appropriate folder.

Select Manual or Express Mode using the drop down list. (Express Mode will set alerts based upon the data in the files. Manual Mode will allow you to set the alert information manually, if desired.) (Note that the word redlight in the file name will produce an automatic alert at 0.25 miles)

If you select Manual instead of Express, you can set Proximity and Speed alerts for your POIs.

Follow the prompts.

Express Mode will load you files and present you with a Finish screen indicating how many POIs were loaded.

Manual Mode will present you with each POI file you have in your folder giving you the opportunity to skip loading that file, and to set or change the speed or proximity alert information. At the end Manual Mode will also present you with a Finish screen indicating how many POIs were loaded.

POI Loader will create a file in the destination you chose named POI.GPI with all your Custom POIs.