Barnes & Noble and Borders Updates


The Barnes & Noble and Borders POIs have been updated to include all the stores nationwide in their respective chains. Due to their (lack of) addresses, some were manually reviewed and geocoded, and a few are only down to the street level, so please send any updated coords as you find them.

Thanks and enjoy!

POI Files


Thanks for managing these two projects, I have linked the files to this discussion thread so that they are easier to find.

Miss POI

Wow! thanks. The other one

Wow! thanks. The other one was getting so old that I decided to use the poi that was on my Garmin itself.

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Border's Bookstores not so much anymore

A lot of Borders bookstores have closed down due to non-profitability. This is one of those lists which provided info not available in the GPS as is. Maybe the new Borders location list will be more complete.

Lakeland, FL location closed December 31, 2009

The Barnes & Noble location on US 98 North, Lakeland, FL, closed Decemeber 31, 2009.

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Thank you!

Thank you!

Costa Mesa Metro Point store

Metro Pointe
901 B South Coast Drive Ste 150
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
coordiantes are WAAAAY off, at least a mile...maybe 2....

the plaza entrance: (the b&n will be the 2nd store you see on the way in)


Borders, Newport Blvd, Costa Mesa, CA

1890 Newport Boulevard, Costa Mesa - (949) 631-8661

This store closed about 2 months ago.
ITs being turned into a Mother's Market...
i THINK the Mother's opened 2 days ago, june 1...