Habitat ReStores in SC


Hey All,

This is my first time (creating a POI) so please be gentle. grin


I visited a HFH ReStore in North Carolina and was taken impressed. Not only do they have everything for the house, including the kitchen sink... No seriously they have the kitchen sink!

I thought that since the profits made at the ReStores go back into building houses for those in need that it would be a win-win for everybody involved. Gently used items for the customers and financial aide for those trying to get a leg up.

My hopes are that others will volunteer to do the POI for ReStores in their area or if I get that much into pain I may start doing them myself if there is any real interest.

Hope you enjoy and aren't lead to far off course.

Brian Garmin nuvi 255W

North Carolina locations POI

The POI file with the NC locations has been uploaded and should be available soon. (I thought I had already posted this here, but I guess not.)