I did a hard re-set on my 770 (to try and fix the lag problem).

As I'd read, I copied the current.gpx to my computer first, did the hard re-set, then copied the current.gpx back to the Nuvi. It looks like the file transfers, but everytime I turn on the GPS it reverts back to a much smaller current.gpx - no favorites, no home location.

What am I doing wrong? Or are my favorites gone forever?


When any gpx file is seen by the unit, it is usually appended to the Favorites when you reboot. Perhaps the file has to be renamed something other than CURRENT.gpx for it to work. Perhaps the system recognizes that current.gpx is always a copy of the favorites and ignores it. Easy thing to try.

Nuvi 660 -- and not upgrading it or maps until Garmin fixes long-standing bugs/problems, and get maps to where they are much more current, AND corrected on a more timely basis when advised of mistakes.

Thanks - I'll give it a try!

Thanks - I'll give it a try!


Many thanks - that seems to have done it! I deleted the small current.gpx on the Nuvi, and copied in the old (large) current.gpx from my backup, using a different file name. When I switched my GPS on it made a new current.gpx which included my favorites. All of the old trip data seems to have disappeared, but at least my favorites are back!