Importing csv POI's to Magellan editor


I downloaded the POI for complete state parks, but when I opened it in Magellan POI editor, it said something like "fields name latitude required". So it appears that maybe that POI is not for Magellan? It is a CSV, and the default for import is MGLN. Do i need to convert? Sorry, new to the GPS scene.

using excell

Try reversing column A and B


When you are in the Magellan Editor with a .csv file loaded, there are 4 or 5 darkened bars/tabs on the top of the data fields. Double click one of the tabs to pull down a list (Name, Latitude, Longitude, Description, Category) to choose. Do not use excel to open the .csv file or you will end up with lots of troubles later on. Do the rest of the tabs and save as .MGLN automatically and transfer the .MGLN file to the root of your SD card.

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