I'm a newbe with a c530


I have loaded the poi loader. But when i try to run it ask i put it in a .cvs file. i don't know how to do that. i then added edit Poi2007. still lost. i have read all i can read but am still clueless. Can anyone help the dummy?


Using POI Loader

You can download files of POI's from this site or create your own. There are many POI.csv files available, check under the heading "POI files". With one or several .csv files, such as Red-Light cameras, Lowes's, etc., you will store these files in a folder on your PC. When you use POI-loader to move them to your GPS, you will select the folder on your PC as the source. All of the files will be loaded onto your GPS. (Each time you run POI-Loader, you erase all the custom files on your GPS and replace them with the ones in your PC folder. Therefore, you should always maintain this folder with all of the .csv files you want for your GPS)

On my c530, the POI's show up under EXTRAS on the menu. You will then see the single entry menu with your Custom POI's. Selecting that entry will provide a menu of all of the POI files you have created (i.e. Red-light cameras, Lowe's, etc.). Select the one you are interested in and you will see the closest locations to which you can navigate.

Now, if you want to further break down the listing of your POI files on your GPS i.e. you now have 6-10 different files that take up multiple screens, you can change your folder layout on your PC and use a newer version of POI-Loader, POI-Loader (beta)2.4.0. In that case, from within the main folder that you have for your POI's, you can create several other additional folders and place the POI files in them. Then, for example, you might have folders for: Traffic, Stores, Locations, etc. When selecting the main POI folder as your source within POI Loader, the GPS will now show these menu headings when you select Custom POI's.

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