Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) POI


Starting in PA and plan to work state by state. I'm estimating it will take many weeks as my time is very limited. Will contact the OPC to see if they can provide any help in terms of a csv file with church name, address, and phone number. The name will include "opc" and the city. Service times may be included (posted question in another forum here.)


Found out the OPC

Found out the OPC denomination already has coordinates for all the locations. Trying to get access to that file which would make creating a POI easier.


Great job sweetie, thanks for posting your progress.

Miss POI

Ready for 1st Upload

I have PA, DE, MD, NY, NJ, and WA done in a single csv file. Verified with POI Verifier II (3 false dups due to common meeting place of two churches). What is the next step to upload the file?

Update: Never mind. I submitted a file and comments via the Create Content link.


New Upload

Uploaded csv file containing all the churches in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. A gpx (Garmin) file is also available but I need to learn how to have two files per listing.

Link for file www.poi-factory.com/node/17882.


Miss POI

Send a message to Miss POI. She can set up the page for a csv and gpx format files.

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