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For your info I downloaded Garmin POI Loader Beta for my Mac several weeks ago. Have had no problems and it works fine in the manual mode for entering POIs,
Using a 1.8 PowerPC G5 MacIntosh with OS X 10.4.11 desktop. Have not tried it yet on my older Mac laptop. Will let you know when snowbird this winter down south.

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Garmin POI Loader

FYI, I've been using the POI loader for quite some time now on my Mac Book, OS 10.5.5 and have never had a problem with it. It’s always worked like a charm, once one understands that each new upload of POI’s erases those already loaded.
I’ve used it on my 660 and now on my 780 without a hiccup.

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Garmin Poi Loader new version Not Beta

Here is the download for the new version 2.5.3 of poi loader as of Aug 22-2008 Not Beta

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Has that really been available for over a month, with no one noticing? (The "Check for new version" option in POILoader V2.5.2 doesn't spot it!)

I wonder what changes they've made, other than the one they've documented? wink

"Fixed issue with Asian language translated strings being incorrectly truncated."

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POI Loader clarification...

Hi All,

POI Loader v2.5.3 is for the Windows Operating System.

POI Loader v2.0.2.1 Beta is for the Mac Operating System, however, Garmin doesn't have this version of the POI Loader, on their website. Garmin has POI Loader v2.0.1 which, if I recall correctly, was buggy.

To download the POI Loader v2.0.2.1 Beta, you have to go to to download it. You can get it here:

Hope that clears up the difference in the POI Loaders, for each operating system.



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