Garmin Bobcat is now RoadTrip for Mac


Bobcat is now renamed RoadTrip for Mac 2.0.1. Its features (taken from Garmin web site):

-transfer waypoints, tracks, and routes between your Mac and Garmin device and manage your data using your Garmin maps.

-search for points of interest from the convenience of your Mac and then send the locations to your Garmin GPS.

-MapManager copies maps and unlock codes into the right place to be accessible by RoadTrip and MapInstall. To migrate the maps from your Windows PC, download MapConverter onto your PC and follow the instructions.

-Download and install MapConverter for Windows to convert your unlocked PC maps for use on your Mac.

File information and hardware requirements can be found at:

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Thanks for catching that!


FPichon wrote:

Thanks for catching that!


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Downloaded it

Downloaded Roadtrip today and it worked quite well on the couple of routes I tried to generate.
Will give it a better workout over the next few days.

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Thanks for catching this, I'm not sure how I missed it! I hadn't run Bobcat for a few weeks and tried loading it this evening to find Roadtrip had taken it's place. After the download and install it seems to work just fine. I've already updated some waypoints in it and downloaded them to my Nuvi all without incident.

I'm pleased Garmin continues to support the OS X with such great products.

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Thanks Brentrn

Thanks Brentrn, Maybe the next update will have a "Print" feature ?

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Good catch, thanks!

Good catch, thanks!

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Yeeeha! Thanks!



Re: Garmin Bobcat Is Now Road Trip For Mac...

I just bought a new Nüvi 880 and can't wait to hook it up with "Road Trip" for the Mac...



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Used Road Trip to generate a

Used Road Trip to generate a route and downloaded it to my Nuvi 750.