Well, after much consideration...I chose one of the discontinued models


Last year, our Nuvi 660 was stolen from our car in Maryland. There was a rash of break ins throughout Bethesda in that month. My error was not making a PIN code. I have GPS built into my car but it isn't as robust as the portable/pocket sized versions out on the market. However, the GPS finds the satellite instantaneously over the Garmins (which there is a latent period from turning it on). The DVD for the built in Navigation is almost as expensive as buying a handheld GPS ($250).

Now, my parents moved in with us (since my father was diagnosed with cancer). I am trying to give them a GPS to make them more independent since they are directionally impaired.

I was opting for a bigger screen (4.3" over 3.5").

To my dismay, there were so many models to choose from in the Garmin Line: 660, 670, 680, and the 700 series.

I saw the recent thread with regard to free traffic on the latest models but they really could use the GPS now.

Since they didn't need the latest and greatest, I opted for the 600 series (if the map updates are not free, I can update later). The 680 would have been a touch too much in terms of 'high tech' with the MSN service. I found the 670 $10 cheaper than the 660. That was a shock to me. So I bought the 670 in the end.

Essentially the maps are going to be the same regardless of the model (300 to 800 series).

Garmin Nuvi 660;Garmin GPS III+ (Biking, Hiking); Toyota Camry Hybrid with Navigation

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I think you made a great

I think you made a great choice. It is weird that the 670 is cheaper than the 660. I guess it is just a matter of supply and demand. I am real close to pulling the trigger in a 670 - I really just need a 660 but..

Garmin Nuvi 765t

Well, at least you get the

Well, at least you get the maps of Europe, included, if you ever need them.

The 700 series sounded good

The 700 series sounded good but I became cautious when I saw the buzz about firmware upgrades. I had a firmware upgrade issue with the 660 when it just came out. Luckily this site had the fix to revert.

Garmin Nuvi 660;Garmin GPS III+ (Biking, Hiking); Toyota Camry Hybrid with Navigation