Smaller School Zone POI files


Recently I downloaded the Schools-West POI file as I live in AZ. With the schools of California and the other states, the file was too big to fit on my C340. (Of course I'm not going to take off the safety camera files....) Since the city/state is not designated in the cvs file, it would be hard to remove those from another state. If the size could get to the 200-500K size versus almost 2Mb, it would fit. Any ideas?

One thing you can do is

One thing you can do is compare the coordinates in your csv file to Google Earth and remove those coordinates that are way out of town. That should help make the file smaller.

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There are several easy ways

One is to use POI Verifier application to filter out the state you are interested in.
Load the file into Excel (or equivalent) and sort the file by longitude and remove longitudes out of your area of interest - then do the same with the latitude.
Then resave modified file as a .csv file.

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I did it! Slowly, but done.

It took a little longer, but I used PoiEdit and removed all the other states (I used the Western US file to start). This process allows for the border towns that get eliminated if you use the coordinate deletion method. I ended up with just the state of Arizona and the file shrunk from 1900K to 52K. Although there may be minimal interest, I will post it in the download section. Thank you for the responses and I will keep them in mind if I ever try something like this again.