Need help installing POI to Garmin


Hello , I hope someone can help me as I am not real computer savy and have only had my GPS one week. I downloaded the walmart poi to my documents. I created a folder and named it gpspoi and saved the walmart download there. I open poi loader and get to the point where you are to browse your computer for the folder to install to your gps.I go to my documents and the gpspoi folder I created does not show to be there. I check my documents on computer and it is there. I run poi loader again and it will not show the folder I created. Any suggestions. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!

1.Create the folder gpspoi

1.Create the folder gpspoi folder on your computer.
2.Put the csv file walmart in the gpspoi folder you created.
3.Run poiloader and when you get to browse use the pull down window to search for folder location.In your case listed in my documents.Make sure you have directed it to gpspoi folder not the walmart csv file.
4.After completion of poiloader you should get message so many pois loaded.
5.Touch where to on gps then my locations,extras and touch custom pois last and you should see the file you downloaded to the gps.

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The gpdpoi folder was not

The gpdpoi folder was not showing up when I was browsing my documents for folder location. I ended up just selecting MY DOCUMENTS and POI Downloader found them and installed the on my Garmin 340.
THANKS for the reply

It had to be on the right

It had to be on the right folder for poiloader to load it.Did you use the arrow on your computer to scroll all the way to the right so you could see everything?You can not see the complete information unless you do that.Most likely you seen my documents and other info was off the screen.

Charlie. Nuvi 265 WT and Nuvi 2597 LMT. MapFactor Navigator - Offline Maps & GPS.