Geotagging Digital Photos


It's a pretty long article for me to cut and paste here, so I've posted the link below.

"How geotagging works"

"Geotagging involves finding the latitude and longitude of the place a photo was taken and embedding this information in the photo using a standard format called EXIF (Exchangeable Image Format).

Used by most digital cameras, EXIF stores everything from the time and date an image was taken to the type of camera used and its exposure settings. Geotagging just adds a little more data into the mix.

Labelling your images in this way provides another way to categorize them. Rather than trying to remember the date you took that memorable holiday to California or the file names you used when downloading them, you can find your photos simply by searching for a particular location. "

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I Posted this before

This looks like something that would be an excellent investment for this type of project. If I'm reading your post/article and the item discription correctly.

Problem is it's now sold out and not sure if they're going to get anymore. Maybe could hunt down the manufacturer.

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If your GPSr keeps a track log, you can use Microsoft's WWMX Location Stamper to geotag your pictures.
Microsoft also has a utility to pull the track log
WWMX GPS Track Downloader
I've using an Etrex to do the track log and the stamper to geotag my photos.
I've previously tried ATP Photo Finder which never work well and returned it. Ended up using the Etrex, which is more reliable.
You'll need to synchronize the time of your camera with that of the GPSr.

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Also check out GiSTEQ's products

A little on the pricier side compared with some others...

Or this one, $89 at Costco...


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Eye-Fi Card

If your camera uses an SD card you could look into this. It is an SD card with built in wifi. So it turns a normal camera into a geocoding camera. Cool!!!!