Backup (how do I backup a nuvi 660)


I would like to backup my 660. Is it the Garmin folder that I copy ?

Backup Everything

Steve620 wrote:

I would like to backup my 660. Is it the Garmin folder that I copy ?

I know there are certain files that aren't really needed, but with typical PC hard drives being so large nowadays, I just copy everything starting from the root of the device. Gives me a feeling of comfort that I have a replica of the entire thing.


Just make sure you have all hidden folders showing, select all of them and copy to your HDD folder. As a precaution, make the folder 'Read Only' to keep it's integrity against mistakes.


"Delete nothing, back up everything"


The Garmin Folder contains the "heart" of the software but the advice of backing up everything is not unwise. An addition to that idea is burning the backup to a CD-ROM disk. I'm a information systems installer/support tech and a good backup on optical media after everything electrical got zapped by lightning is indispensible. Have a good one.

Need a DVD to Backup

I tend to be on the safe side too, but I have to use a DVD-R to backup everything in my Nuvi onto one disc. The map file alone is bigger than a CDR.

This is a little off topic, but I find it amazing that on sale one can get a 100 spindle of name-brand DVD-Rs for about $20, and a 100 spindle of CD-Rs with 1/6th the capacity for just little less. I remember when CDRs were relatively new and we had to pay $10 and upwards for just one disc.


I just backed everything up on a dvd. Yes and I remember when VCR first came out, I paid 16.00 for one blank tape.