Northwest POI question



I'm new here and I must say this is an excellent site. What a great resource.

My questions is there seems to be several companies that neglected the northwest (I live in North Idaho). I grabbed several company POI files, but the following ones don't show any locations near me:

Burger King
Pizza Hut
Taco Bell

I don't know if these files were provided by comapnies or individuals, but all of them show the nearest hundreds of miles away.

I fiddled with my csv files some, but I think I'm doing it right, alot of other files worked correctly for me.

Any ideas?



I'm not sure how much you "fiddled" with the files and I don't know exactly where you are in Idaho, but when I opened the 7-11 file, I noticed that there were some there in Idaho (mostly in Boise), and there looked to be a bunch of Idaho locations in the Burger King file.

Note that the majority of files on the site are created by the users, typically from data on the company's website.

You can open the CSV files in Notepad or Excel and see the contents to determine what's there. If you find locations that are missing, please send the details to the file author so that they can be added to the file. The more information you can provide the better.