Family Dollar


Does anyone know where I can get a POI file for Family Dollar? I could not find one in the POI file pages. If not, is there a easy way to find all the locations so I can make a POI file for the site. I went to the Family Dollar site to get store locations and all it gives you are the 5 or 6 closest stores in your zip code.


Zip Code

Yeah, store locators that only work from zip codes (and I've seen several) are not easy to work with. By state, yes, but not by zip code only. Maybe someone else here has found a way to work with information presented by zip code, but I haven't - not without a lot of manual work.

The only other option is to try the 'Contact Us' link on these websites and ask if they would send you a simple text file of all their stores. Explain why you want it and how you will be using the information. Maybe they'll send you something.

I tried that once and didn't get a favorable response. They didn't care about having all their locations available to GPSr users. Go figure?!?

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