Contributors of the Week 2008-08-04


This week we are recognizing just one outstanding member: H Hannah

H Hannah, You and sparky are part of the Monday morning ritual around here now. I always run to my computer to see what the new movie is about.

You have been working really hard collecting all of the RR-Xing locations for the US. This is a huge undertaking and we really appreciate it.

You have made a great set of FAQ's on the site explaining Tour Guides, and your help in the forums is really superb. It is nice to have you as a part of our family.

Miss POI

Frequently Asked Questions

Other pages

Good work H

Good work H Hannah.Especially on your TourGuide info.

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Congratulations H Hannah

You and Sparky deserve it for all your hard work.

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Good work!

H Hannah,

Congratulations! Keep up the good work. you are very deserving of the recognition for a job well done!

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H. Hannah or Sparky or H. Hannah etc.

Is Sparkys secret ID H. Hannah? If he is H. Hannah, who gets the COW award?

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Good work !!!

Very well deserved. Keep up your good work, it's really appreciated

------------------ BigBen63 / Bernard / From Montreal

Contributors of the Week 08-04-08

Congrats H Hannah, good work.

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Congrats H Hannah!!! and Sparky are always great to see here.

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Thanks for your work,keep it coming.

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Well deserved H. keep up the

Well deserved H. keep up the good work

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Way to go guys!

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Keep up the good work

Keep up the good work smile


Thanks guys........


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Well deserved!!!



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Sparky your such a weiner, H your ok also!

H, Thanks for the fun you and sparky provide us all!


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Great work! You deserve the honor!

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Good job

Good job


Congrats to both H Hannah & Sparky fine Job

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Hats Off

I salute the current and all past and future COW winners. If it wasn't for the dedication of all these hard working people this site would not be the greastest POI site on the web. My hat is off to you.

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