downloading red light files


im having trouble downloading the files they are .zip files how can i change them to .csv files to load to my c330

Zip Files

You need a software program called Winzip to unzip the files. They are compressed to save space and make transferring to your computer. Once you unzip the file or files, you will see them in .csv format. Hope this helps.

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If you are using xp you probably already have the ability to "unzip" or extract the files.

Download the zip file
find the zip file and right click on it. About the fourth option down you should see "Extract All" select that and there you go, just follow the rest of the directions.
You can set up folders before you "extract" or create new folders later and drag them there. You should do this to stay organized.

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if you have AOL, it will you

if you have AOL, it will you unzip it for you after you download it. If you can't get the file winzip or winrar

thanks for the info

thanks for the info


Also WinRar works fine for unzipping Compressed Files

How do I convert these to

How do I convert these to TomTom format?

TomTom / PoiEdit

For the red light cameras file, you can open the CSV file with PoiEdit and then use File / Save As / Tom Tom Binary (ov2) format.

Look in the FAQ section for a link to the PoiEdit web site.



XP should auotmatically unzip the files when you attempt to open it.

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zip files

Once you have win zip or winrar or windows xp to unzip the file or files you also need Microsoft Excel to read the files the csv file is a comma delimited file for Microsoft Office Excel Hope This Helps you ..........Auggie

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What is winrar?

What is winrar?

Well, you don't NEED Excel

Well, you don't NEED MS Excel or anything else for that matter. You could just load them directly onto your unit sight unseen. And if you do want to look at them, you can use any text editor.

WinRAR is one of many de-archiving programs. You can find and download a free trial version at . But I prefer WinZip.