POI Files Surface "Other" Memories


Growing up in a small midwestern farming town, I used to like to find railroad crossings to sit at, or on an overpass and look down as a train would come through. I still have a few pictures of passing trains.

Living in Germany in the mid-80's, I found myself out wandering when I had the chance, and would come across a railroad crossing and watch the trains go by, and sometimes take a few pictures then as well.

This has been more than a few years ago, and seeing the RailRoad Crossing Posts bring back some fond memories of my past.

POI files of parks reminds me of my teenage summers, where I would ride my bicycle to the state park that was only about 8 1/2 miles away, to fish or hike, and sometimes even swim. I even used a compass for orienteering there.

I was just wondering if others find POI files bringing back memories of his or her past.

And now, back to your regularly scheduled forum - already in progress . . .