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Need help with POI


Hi, I am new to this site and just got a TT XL 330s. I downloaded the Rest Area POI and converted them to be able to use with TomTom. However, there is not icon next to it . its just a Red square. How do I get the icon to show next to it. i would also like to have the warning sounds.

To make the icons show up

To make the icons show up you have to save the icon in the same folder as the POI file with the same exact name as the POI file.

here's the faqs link:

Icons Won't Show Up

I have a GO 930. I have copied several POI files, including some from TomTom, and they show up as red squares. The .bmp file is in the NA map folder with the POI file and has the same name.

I also noted that, other than "Brand" icons, I cannot find the regular icons as .bmp files anywhere on my 930.

Does TomTom do it differently. If so, how do I get the icons to show?

Shooter N32 39 W97 25 GO 930, VIA 1535TM, GPSmap 60CS, BMW built-in

Re: Icons won't show up

Hi Shooter:
I also have the Go930 and intially had the same problems with is what I did to fix the problems (thanks to some of the people here). When you put a POI file and icon in your 930 make sure that they both are in the North_America folder and that both files are named EXACTLY the same (ie. if you have a POI called Quaker_Steak.ov2 then the icon needs to be named Quaker_Steak.bmp, I know you said that they are already named the same but double check it...a space in the wrong place can cause problems too). Once they are both in the same file then the icon should show up. If you continue to have problems you might check the size of the bmp itself, I have found that the icon needs to be around 24x24 or a little smaller (20x20). Once I made these corrections I'm able to see all of the icons. If you are creating your own icons make sure to read the node referred to in the posting just before yours, it will give you some insight on the process.

As far as the "branded icons go", I've not found any of them either...I've looked through all of the files in my TT, they must be part of the original maps installation.

tomtom GO930

Icons Still Won't Show Up


I saw that the bmp file size was 22X22. I made the file size 20X20 and no luck. Then I made the file size 16X16 and still no luck. I even renamed both the ov2 and bmp files with no luck.

Interestingly, the icon for another POI I downloaded from TomTom did work, go figure?

Shooter N32 39 W97 25 GO 930, VIA 1535TM, GPSmap 60CS, BMW built-in

Icons Finally Showing Up

After reading a few other posts, I tried making the file size 22X22 and it worked. Since I have other icons that came from TomTom that are 16X16 and I can see them, I don't think there is anything special about 22X22, but I am not arguing with success. smile

Shooter N32 39 W97 25 GO 930, VIA 1535TM, GPSmap 60CS, BMW built-in


Sorry for the late response..thanks to Ike I've been offline. Glad you got the problem solved...I generally create icons at 20x20 but have gone as big as 24x24 and they worked...I'm not sure why you're having a problem....sorry

tomtom GO930

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