Tuscaloosa Alabama POI Project?


With students returning for the fall semester at the University of Alabama, I thought that several POI files for Tuscaloosa were in order. I have created and uploaded three file.

Tuscaloosa Government Buildings, Tuscaloosa Fire Stations, and Tuscaloosa Utilities.

I plan on adding files for the locations of the city and county school systems, law enforcement offices, restaurants, and local parks as soon as I can.

Miss POI, would this rate it's own POI Project?

good job!!!

Would this be a request for a Metro Area page?

I think that we can make that happen;)

Miss POI

Why not?

grin Let's do that.

Maybe it would be a good idea to combine Tuscaloosa and Birmingham since we are only about 50 miles apart and are in many cases considered the same metro area (same TV and many radio stations for example) though not by the US government.

I will handle a lot of Tuscaloosa locations and could work on some for Birmingham.

That sounds great!! I will

That sounds great!! I will get that up by the end of the week.

Miss POI

How about. . .

How about we name it Birmingham/Tuscaloosa/Anniston Alabama? It sort of a large geographic area, but still only about half the population of Atlanta for example.

I'll be happy to help moderate and will create at least a few more files for the Western (Tuscaloosa) side of the area.