Garmin c550 - Sale


Don't know if anyone is interested but Meijer's has an online sale going for the Garmin c550 for 169.49 with an aditional 10% off. I am not sure if it is still on but when I picked mine up they had free shipping.

This is an older model but comes with 3 months of fm traffic and bluetooth. Did a lot of comparing and for the most part if you are in the USA Garmin has the most accurate point to point record. I admit the extra features all look good on some other GPS units but getting there is what it is all about. Also you get a free upgrade to the 2009 map set when you register.

My mother (82) bought me a Navigon and it looks really great especially the graphics that look just like the intersections you are navigating. However it tried to send me back to where I had come from when I exited the freeway for gas. It crashed a few times and once when trying to use the senic route feature for a 2 hour trip it told me I did not have enough memory. After this experiance I just wanted something that works.


Price valid through 8/1/08

Still has free shipping.


The Meijer Deal

Although looks good I'd opt for the 350 through either Circuit City Online or Tiger Direct Online. (Tiger's where I bought mine) $177 incl. shipping & no tax. - Ted