where to get addresses



I was wondering what's the best place to find the addresses for creating poi files?

I have a bunch of ideas of stuff that I want to create but no easy way to get the information.

I've used batchgeocoder before to do stuff for work so all I need is help finding the places I want.

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Depending on what type of addresses you are looking for

The web for sure, most stores and companies have location finders. Google is a friend, as are a lot of other search engines....

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well.. What are you doing?

Lets see.... f your looking for 1 name brqnd, then would search for that Name.. If your looking for a bunch of plqces.. search for some common thing,, example would be if your lookintg for .. lets say midevil times,, you wouls search for that,, hoply you will get all the locations for it, if your looking for many differnet places,, say the 10 best places to est,, than search for that,,

I have made many differnt kinds of pi files here and the ones thst have differnt place seem to be the hardest while the same name type seem to be the eqasyest,,

You just need to know what you whant to do!

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