Why do you have a GPSr? What's your excuse?


I've read many posts that suggest that GPSr should have a Radar Detector. That has had me thinking. Always a dangerous activity.

Why do folks have a GPS?

Is the primary purpose to violate traffic laws without getting caught? If so can a police officer seize my GPSr as a criminal tool?

Is the primary purpose to get a reminder to look at the speedometer once in a while? Especially when consequences loom?

Is the primary purpose to find new and exciting places (like Walmart wink )? If so wouldn't it be nice to have those places properly located?

Rumor has it that one or more Canadian Provinces have banned radar detectors and that having one might be the basis for having your car impounded. I really need my car and don't relish the thought of having it impounded. Should GPSr be banned? Should they be the basis for car impoundment?

Why do I have a GPS? Well, for the same reason I have cruise control, to avoid speeding and the consequences. Also I like to explore. And finally, I have to admit to being a "Gadget Girl."

Are GPSr just a fad?

Why do you have a GPSr? What's your excuse?

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Why the GPSr?

My first was the handheld Garmin GPS12 in 2000 to log waypoints for genealogy purposes on a trip to Norway. I visited grave markers, family farms and monuments.

I bought a second GPS12 in 2005 on eBay to join the sport of geocaching. We usually went out in a group of 2-4 and a single GPSr was not enough.

I joined the navigation crowd a couple months ago by purchasing a 200W because I thought the price was finally getting reasonable for a casual user. A trip to Nevada and California seemed like a good reason to buy one and start to use it. It worked great... never used a paper map on the trip.

Now I use it when I venture downtown to Minneapolis/St. Paul from the burbs because I don't know the streets all that well down there. The restaurant POIs make downtown exploration all the more fun.

For the winter I'll give the coffee shop POIs a proximty alert because the youth hockey schedule sends me all over the state of Minnesota and it's a great treat to find that hot cup of joe before the game starts. smile

I've started to create custom POI files now to fill other needs for bicycling, golfing, etc.

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Why A GPS ?

I live in NJ and there are times I have to make a turn that doesn't leave me back on the right track especially at night. Also I am a Firefighter and our company will be getting a new truck and we want to try out a laptop or a GPS (Volunteering my Nuvi 360)

Two main reasons I purchased

Two main reasons I purchased a GPSr:

1. To determine distance and ETAs for routes.
2. To locate restaurants and other POIs that would never appear on traditional paper maps.


My first GPS was to set up

My first GPS was to set up APRS in my car (GPS II). Now my main reason is so I can wander the back roads on my bike without worrying about getting lost. I just wander around and then use the GPS to get me home.


I have them mostly for the fun of it. And I have had tons of fun. I mostly enjoy being able to tell when I will arrive at a destination.

I started with a GPS12, used it on a sailboat. Then I boughs a c340 followed by a nuvi350 followed by a nuvi660. Now I see the nuvi750 is priced pretty good at Sam's. Maybe it's time to upgrade again...

Two reasons

I bought my 76CSx for geocaching. I got my first geocaching unit in early August of 2005. I geocached a lot. I also used it for routing on trips since it has full routing capabilities.

I bought the nüvi because my job changed and I have 24 offices to support covering the northern third of California. I figured the new job justified a dedicated routing unit with TTS, bluetooth (it's the law in California when driving) and mp3 player for long drives to distant offices. I get lost at the drop of a hat and there's no way I'll remember how to get to those places when I need to go to them.

I love the fact that I can take wrong turns or whatever and the unit will simply recalculate the route and get me there anyway. When I travel with my wife we can lay out the route the way WE want in in Mapsource and then let the unit drive us. As we are traveling we can decide on side trips and then let the unit pick up the route again and get us back on our way without worrying how to get where we want to go. I've taken wrong exits in cities and found there was no way to get back onto the freeway unless you knew how to travel the 12 block circuitous route to the next entry. The GPS knows how to do that.

I have units for fun (geocaching/travel) and also for business. The things are fantastic.

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Simple reason. To get me to a location without having to deal with a map. I have all kinds of POI's loaded, plus a number of favorites. When I need/want to get somewhere, "Jack" gets me there. And with his text to speech feature, I don't have to continuously monitor the screen (very dangerous). I never considered my GPS to be a safety or ticket avoidance gadget.

Garmin 765T...Is it about the destination, or is it about the journey?


Do you really have to have an excuse to buy toys????

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I purchased my GPSr for a

I purchased my GPSr for a few reasons.... I am a drummer, I get called to do gigs in many unknown (to me ) areas... I once got lost in NY, my home state after a gig!... I just could not find the parkway or my way home for a few minutes...after I chuckled to myself I decided to buy a GPSr.

I had three children in college, one in VA, one in DC (the third in NY) and the GPSr would direct me right to their respective dorms. The one in VA graduated (woo hoo...proud poppa!)

I also have in-laws in Ocala, FL... I never get lost!

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Best reason so far...

H Hannah wrote:

Do you really have to have an excuse to buy toys????

Best reason so far...

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n8tyv wrote:

Why do you have a GPSr? What's your excuse?

Dear n8,

The question is wrong.

Quite a few of my fraternity brothers had attended parochial elementary schools in the days when the nuns were armed with rulers. My frat brothers managed to put those days of torture in perspective and rejected most of the bizarre ideas those sadists had tried to beat into their victims. They escaped any need to justify their indulgences.

Your brother who prays for universal emancipation, david

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GPS and childhood trauma...

I'm one of those who attended parochial schools -- I still write left-handed, and have the scars to go with that battle of the wills...

A decade ago, mobile GPS might have been an indulgence (early Trimble SVeeSix hooked to a small card cage of electronics and a cranky 440 MHz transceiver modified for digital operation).

We're in the transition period, with GPS and more particularly sat nav based mapping and GIS systems moving from high-end and add-ons to commonplace to expected functionality. Map reading (and map folding) are going to become skills relegated to mariners, private pilots, and scouts.

Aside: my teenage son and I were visiting a friend a few months ago, and went for a ride in a recently restored classic car. My son could not figure out how to open the window on his side, until I pointed out the handle with the knob on it -- he'd been looking for switches! The concept of a window you had to roll up and down was foreign to him.

How long until cars without GPS - GIS - sat nav systems are placed in the same antiquated category? Why shouldn't a car know where it is, and be able to show you how to get to your destination?

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I'm one of those

I'm one of those that loves to buy new toys - fortunately the 2 GPSr I have purchased are very useful -


a variation of an old saying goes like this !

"He who dies with the most toys is nonetheless DEAD"

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It's a Neat Toy!

My wife gave it to me for my birthday. I'm happy because it fills one of several remaining holes in my toy inventory. She's happy because now I argue with Jill (the voice giving directions) instead of arguing with her. We're both happy!

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My excuse/reason

My first GPS was a DeLorme USB model that connected to my laptop. I used it primarily for wardriving and when trying to find places mentioned in WeirdNJ magazine.
My next (and current) GPS is a Garmin C340. I use it when I have to travel long distances out of town. I also use it to find places to visit and things to do while I'm out of town.

Why do I have a gps, and what''s my excuse...

I don't need a reason or an excuse... I want it, I get it... I hide it from my wife...

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LOL, aophiuchus, that was exactly what i did. I cleverly introduced my new toy as we headed on a weekend trip to Seattle; my 660 led us unfailingly to various restaurants and stores (so she could go shopping for her own things). It was great travelling without the stress of arguing over what directions to take and fiddling with paper maps. We haven't looked back since. Also great fun playing with various custom vehicle icons, the amusing mp3 alerts, and inputting many useful POIs from this forum. My wife says that my 660 is the best and most useful gadget I've ever bought. She still thinks that our 50" TV is a monstrosity that we don't need in our living room, but that's another story.


Because I am over 21 and have a job>>>

if you need more of an excuse than that...well, my sympathies.


"You can't get there from here"

My wife can't read maps!

Initially I bought it for my wife because she really is map challenged. However, these days I seem to use it more than she does.

Re: Because I am over 21 and have a job

TMK wrote:

Because I am over 21 and have a job>>>
if you need more of an excuse than that...well, my sympathies.


Priceless! grin



I've always been the one in charge of routes during family road trips. So when navigation systems started to come out as an option on new cars, I was drooling. To my dismay, when it was time to buy a new car, the extra cost of NAV systems was too prohibitive. Therefore, my portable Garmin was a cheaper alternative. That's one big reason I got it, i.e. I am cheap. (haha!)

Other reasons on why I was drooling after a NAV system in a car (and why I had to have a portable GPS device):

  • To reduce the clutter and inconvenience of paper maps inside the car during road trips.

  • To save time not having to get/purchase the latest paper map for the region being travelled.
  • To save time not poring over paper maps before a trip to plan my routes, (e.g. noting down interstates, exit numbers, etc.)
  • To eliminate the worry of making the wrong turn, or taking the wrong exit.

These reasons became very evident on our first long road trip with my Garmin. I've always known this would be the case since paper maps during a long drive are a PITA. My wife first thought the GPS was just another one of my "toys", until that very first road trip. Now she's all for it.

My reason is...

No, they're not a fad IMO, just a better way to do things! Banned? Heck no, there's no reason to ban them. It's a navigational device, not a radar detector.

But, back to the question 'Why':

• Why not?
• I hate getting lost and getting inaccurate directions from people
• No paper maps! Need I say more?
• Quick and timely directions to save gas, can optimize routing to my destination(s)
• I love toys!
• 'Samantha' doesn't nag me like my ex did
• Very handy if your speedometer cable breaks, you can still get your speed
• Get arrival times and distance to the next city
• Did I mention I love toys? grin

All kidding aside, GPS is a great consumer device. I used one in the far reaches of Alberta when I was doing geological surveying for diamond hunting on logging roads and in the middle of nowhere. It was a time and life-saver.

"Delete nothing, back up everything"

Avoid getting lost

Also, to decrease the stress experienced by my wife when I got lost in a strange city.

Radar detector detectors

Because I can, and you better not ask for it!

For those wondering about radar detectors, and radar detector detectors that police now arm themselves with, and the legalities that go with them:



Using Android Based GPS.The above post and my sig reflects my own opinions, expressed for the purpose of informing or inspiring, not commanding. Naturally, you are free to reject or embrace whatever you read.

Well...I got mine

simply because I have an absolutely lousy sense of direction and I got tired of having to pad my travel time for the wrong turns I was going to predictably make.

oh yea, and I love a woman with a british accent talking to me for the whole trip

I have a GPS because

I have a GPS because everyone that knows me said, I should not be allowed to leave home without one.

It took me 10 hours to go from Hollywood to Las Vegas with no traffic. I didn't have a map, and my thinking was Vegas was East and Interstate 15 takes you into Vegas. So I got on every freeway that had a 1 or a 5 and that said east. I figured I would eventuraly run in to 15. In my thinking it took 10 hours, 2 tanks of gas and my son got car sick in the process.

The last time I went I took my nuvi 760 left hollywood @ 10 AM arrived in Vegas @ 2:30p.m.

I am directionally challenged, and that's why I have a GPS.

Tired of MS Streets & Trips

Traveled across several states and two provinces for years in minor hockey. Always used MS Streets & Trips and have spent hours making maps; especially for my SO.

I've been waiting until my rising techno-urges reached parity with falling prices.

Besides, I wanted one .. . . . .


PS: Just got back into riding (see avatar) and those paper maps are real tricky at 70MPH!

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There's an old joke

There's an old joke that says if Moses had stopped and asked for directions, he wouldn't have wandered for forty years.

But what if Moses had had a GPSr? What would history be?

Oh and for the folks who went to parochial schools you have my condolences. I too was subjected to the ruler wielding nuns at a boarding school. It's worst if you're of a different faith. I was also introduced to the Angel Maker. After all, it was a school for troublemakers! Thankfully I'm much better now.

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Stimulation to make the drive go quicker!!!

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No Excuse, Just Fact

Too keep my machoism from being impinged upon.

I know you will look up the word Machoism and say there ain’t no such word, but it does sound better than Machismo.

(Males having to ask for directions)

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Why do you have a GPS?

My husband and I just bought a Garmin 370 as a 20th anniversary present. Quite honestly we got it because one of the few times we get into arguments is when travelling and trying to navigate in unfamiliar places with paper maps, mapquest printouts and the like. After the last time, in July, we decided to get a GPS. He had tried out a Garmin 3xx in a rental recently, so we started looking. We got the 370 because we wanted to stay with a 3.5" screen, but we wanted the European coverage for trips at Christmas. We live in the mountains, so we are hoping to use the GPS for some nice weekend trips.

Why do you have a GPS?

Cause I can afford it now.

Why do you have a GPS?

twisted I have three and my wife spoiles me just like I do her. I like to play with thing like that. try traveling with all three on at the same time, but only two talk and they do it about the same time. Pure entetaimment when traveling down the road and the wife is reading or sleeping.

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My primary reason was/is for

My primary reason was/is for CAR SHOWS.
During the summer I hit alot of shows, often they are new places, and at least 30+ miles away.
I got tired of all the maps I had to print out, their inherent distractions etc. I figured a gps would be the ticket.
Since having my 350 (and recently a 660), I havent been disappointed.
Recently I bought GEEPEEEX, and I use to set up very accurate points for these shows.
Since having the hardware/software combo, I just set and add a custom POI prior to the show and I'm good to go! And of course having a custom POI everything is retained. Another show at the same location next year? No problem.

(I have a show in brookfield this sunday. The 660 is already loaded, and test route confirmed to be a good one. All I have to worry about is prepping the car. Getting there is the least of my concerns.)

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I got my 2730 after one trip

I got my 2730 after one trip going in circles with the printed directions I had looking for a restaurant that I was meeting up at.

Garmin SP 2730 and Nuvi 760

I have been in cities where

I have been in cities where there is no way out at 2pm in the night and the GPS is a life saver should you get lost. Its main purpose is to make navigation of an automobile easier and safer.


In Order

1) I needed it.
2) I wanted it.
3) I got it.
4) I love toy's

Paul..... Nuvi 765T

no reason

smile got my 200w for a present . . . sweet! (as my daughter would say)

dja24 - garmin nuvi 200W, etrex vista, etrex vista Cx


I am a Gadget freak! Gotta have em.

I travel alot.........

and I'm always in new and unfamiliar places. Before I had a GPS I would get lost all the time. Waste alot of gas and would be late for my appointments.
Now I get off the plane, get my rental car, and I'm off with the confidence that my GPS will get me to where ever I need to go.
It takes me to the account I need to visit, finds my hotel, and when I'm hungry, takes me to a restaurant.
I don't know why I didn't buy one many years ago, and I don't know what I would do without it today.
(I guess fumble with a paper maps, get lost, and frustrated. No thanks.)

Lost in Victoria

I didn't think I needed one, until I drove to Victoria, BC in November '06. I went to a conference, all armed with Yahoo maps and directions. No problem.

At the end of the seminar, the organizer invited me to a dinner with the presenter. Not being one to pass up on making very good connections, I accepted.

Despite good directions, I was lost, mostly because I couldn't see the road signs (we Yanks don't realize how quickly it gets dark in Canada that time of the year, eh?). I stopped at a hotel I found, and asked for a direction at the office, claiming to be "an ignorant American tourist who can't find the way."

What if I couldn't find a friendly hotel? With a GPS, I wouldn't have had the problem.

But now that I have it, I use the POI files and sound alert as a kind of a companion when I drive alone. Okay, that's most of the time.

nüvi 750 & 760


1 - I went on a trip to Taiwan and all my relatives have a GPSr in their cars. I started watching them - even though they were in Chinese - and decided I wanted one for my car(s).
2 - Main Reason - my wife can't read a map!!

Road Warrior

I travel too much. I usually plot my course on the internet from home to client to hotel to office supply store, etc.

Now, I can get from here to there without wasting all that cheap gas out there.

I was a witness to an accident today and consulted my Garmin as to the nearest intersection when I called 911. I had no idea as to the cross streets.

I bought the Ozzy Osbourne voice from a site in the UK for my son-in-law. You should have heard what Ozzy uttered when I took an unexpected turn for a coffee break! evil

I use all the office supply poi's to find the nearest location of the 3 chains closest to my client. Oh the hours and miles I've wasted over the past 15 years!

Adopt a Greyhound! -------------- Augusta, GA (NY escapee since '88) Garmin nuvi 750

i really really really

hate to get lost.

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Why do you have a GPSr? What's your excuse?

I first used a GPS when my next door neighbor offered me his Garmin StreetPilot 2610. I tried it and thought it was pretty handy. I thought that the feature that displayed the approximate street address nearby was very handy. So I started looking on GPS forums like here and a couple of others. I narrowed it down to the Garmin StreetPilot 2730. I found one used in October 2006 and bought it. It has worked very well for me. I am a deputy sheriff assigned to civil process, so I go to multiple address virtually every work day. I actually was going to go with a laptop based system to use on our Panasonic Toughbook computers, but I was denied the request. In retrospect it may have been for the best because I can take this out of my squad car and use it in my pickup truck. I do like to use the multiple address routing feature and it works very well.

Upon Further Consideration

aarrgghh wrote:

hate to get lost.

Thinking it over . . .


Nawwww . . .


Not good enough. Come up with a better reason, please.

GregPaul laugh out loud

because I can't even find my way down the street

I possibly have the worst sense of direction ever. A GPS makes me a bit less of an idiot!


I hate distracted drivers (cell phones, make-up, clothes changing, or just plain dumb) I had a school in KY (from MD), which gave me the "excuse" to buy one. Having been that "distracted driver" while using paper maps I felt it was in my best interest to get one (also safer for the other drivers).
Besides, they are fun.

'Cuz we camp a lot.....

.... and the camping involves travel. It's just me & son, who's 11, but still not all that savvy in map reading. I got tired of having to pull over and check my route all the time. And the gov't was nice enough to refund me part of my tax $$ in the form of an 'incentive check' so I bought myself a 'gift'. And a wonderful thing it has been. I like to tease my son that I really don't know what I'd save first in an accident -- him or 'Jill'!!

Why do folks have a GPS?

I have my GPS because my good wife does not get along well with maps. So to save from getting lost I got a nuvi 750 a few monthes ago and It works great. POI factory is well run and I have met a lot of nice people in here.

ohwogo nuvi 750

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