Red Lights/Speed Traps POI


Can someone tell how to change the alerts from beeps/dings to something else, so that I could distinguish an upcoming speed trap...I have a Magellan 2200T...

Go to the sounds page on the

Use Windows Explorer to transfer data into GPS, if you don't have either Magellan RoadMate Tools or Magellan POI File Editor
* Double click My Computer, you should see the GPS shows up as a disk drive in the Explorer.
* Browse to USR\CPOI folder, and copy over Traffic Enforcement.mgln into there.

Disconnect GPS with computer. In GPS Main Menu screen, tap System -> Navigation Options -> Configuration -> Custom POI's -> Select a POI File, then select Traffic Enforcement.mgln. You are ready to go.

When updating new POI data, you don't need to delete the old POI data in your GPS. Just repeat these steps to install new POI data. The new POI data will override the old POI data.

Customize POI icons and alert settings.
You can use Magellan POI File Editor to customize POI icons and alert settings.
Run Magellan POI File Editor.
Click Open button in tool bar to open file Traffic Enforcement.mgln.
There are three frames in POI File Editor window. Left side is POI categories. Upper right side is POI list, and lower right side is overview map

Garmin Nuvi 850 GPS. Garmin 2009 Maps.

thanks for your help....but

thanks for your help...but can't do what you listed out...tried to use windows explorer, but the gps won't come can't use windows explorer to transfer data into the gps...but i do have Magellan Roadmate tools or the POI editor...still can't get it to go to those options you 2200T has not been upgraded's still version I'm do not have the upgrade kit...maybe what you mentioned was for an upgraded 2200T...?
Anyway, thanks for trying....appreciate your help..