OfficeMax (completed)


Well, on the heels of having completed the Office Depot file, I've started an OfficeMax file.

This one is a little more difficult because their website does not note the Store # in the search... and the search is limited to only 5 stores at a time.

I started out searching for OfficeMax on in every state. I am verifying that list with the OfficeMax search feature. So far, I have verified about 700 locations out of 938 found in the U.S. after that, a check of locations using

Without store numbers, I'll have to deepen my search in obvious cities that aren't in the database.

Again, the data entry clerk who put in the information should suffer from terminal carpal tunnel syndrome for their lack of accuracy. I loathe sloppiness (my car, bedroom and garage are excluded, of course! razz )

With the 3 major office supply stores (almost) done, it sure will make my life on the road much, much easier!

AJ... off to Charlotte for 4 weeks!

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