Contributors of the week 2008-07-14


This week we are recognizing Jrozsnaki and DRMCMTR.

Jrozsnaki, Your new POI File project is Hot!!! You have done a fabulous job making a fun and interesting hunt for spice for the rest of us. I am looking forward to seeing what other exciting projects you have in store for us after this one is complete.

DRMCMTR, You are my go to guy for red light cameras in the Chicago area. You are also one of the most reliable people in our community in regards to sharing update info with file maintainers. I am really excited that you have teamed up with Aophiuchus on the Walmart project. You guys are going to be a great team.

For some reason I really thought that it was realistic to expect to be all caught up with my work at this point. I forgot that as I am working on getting caught up I still have to stay caught up with all the stuff that is still flooding in.

I am sure that by the end of this week all of the requested Metro areas will be constructed, and pics, icons and sounds will be posted that have come in over the last few weeks. I worked all day yesterday in an attempt to get caught up for today.

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Good job to each of you.Now

Good job to each of you.Now you are cows.

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to the both of you. keep it up

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grin congratulations to both of you ,thanks for your work.

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Kudos to both of ya. Thanks for your dedication to this site.

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Congrats to the two of you

Congrats to the two of you.....

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Congrats to you both, and thanks for all you do with the POIs and this site!


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Contributors of the week 07-21-08

Good going both of you. Congradulations.

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Congrats! Thanks for all your hard work.

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and I'd would like to add my kudos

to the two cowboys too.... cool rolleyes

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Congrats to the two of you

Congrats to the two of you

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Way to go guys! Thank you for all your time and hard work. Its contributors like you that make POI-Factory the best community anyone can fine.

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Great Job

Keep the good work

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It's a real honor - Thank you!

Thanks everyone for the kind words! I was totally surprised when I saw it.

Please be sure to visit the Hot Sauce POI and Discussion topic thread.

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Congrats To the Both Of you Jrozsnaki and DRMCMTR
fine job well done

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Well done...well deserved.
Congrats to both of you!

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Thanks to both...

Thanks to both of you. Your hard work is appreciated!!

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Thank you all but I am just trying to keep up with all of other cows on this site.

This is a great site due to all its active members.

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Alright then

Wow you Guy Have the look of a couple Bulls actually.
And you deserve it, thanks for your hard work!


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congrats to both!

hip hip hooray!

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Good Job!

Congratulations, both of you.

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Contributors of the week 07-21-08

Congrats and thank you for a job well done

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Good luck

Good luck on getting caught up MIss POI. I have been on vacation for the past three weeks, and I am finally getting caught up. I have to take a final for school tomorrow, so after that, I will have a few weeks before my next class starts. Looking forward to getting some more done.

Congratulations DRMCMTR on the award.



Great work. Thanks for the contribution.

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thats what makes this site work

Congrats fellow C.O.W.

charlesd45 wrote:

Now you are cows.

Moooovelous job!
(couldn't help myself)

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