BlueChart UPDATES available


I just got an email from Garmin informing me that the "JULY" update for the BlueChart Americas charts I own are available.

They are designating the update as Version 2008.5

In case anyone is interested.

I did at least order the update CD, but I am pretty sure they are going to want $75.00 PER REGION for the unlock codes. I have two regions and this adds up.

I don't know if it's worht it or not..... they don't offer the Bluechart products on their MapViwer so you cant' look and see what has been changed/added/updated.


Run at same time

Can you run the blue charts at the same time as mapsource or do you have to turn one off?


I think you mean the "Road" maps and Bluecharts...

You can have them both turned on, but per Garmin specs, the Roadmaps take priority and will be displayed over the Bluecharts.