Custom POI for speed limits


I do not know if this topic has been discussed before, if yes, someone please post the link. How do I set a speed limit alert with a starting point and an exnding point? For example, for a school zone with 30kph speed limit, the alert should sound as I approach the zone and should continue to sound if I exceed the speed limit until I pass the zone. Similarly, if I am traveling on a 50kph city road and then approach a 70kph highway, the alert should sound as I approach the highway and then continue to sound if I exceed 70kph until I get back on city road with 50kph. I have Nuvi 250W and I am trying to feed it with speed limits in the neighbourhood where I live.

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School zones are easy

With school zones it is pretty easy since they are not very big. You just set the POI right in the middle. Then usually you get an alert well before the zone starts coming from either direction. It may stop after you reach the mid point, but by that time, if you haven't slowed down enough, you are already almost through it or have already been pulled over.


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Garmin POIs are single, discreet locations. You can't set a beginning and ending point for an alert. You would have to set individual points and they still wouldn't really function the way that you are describing.

The alerts will sound for the entire distance that you are within the alert zone based upon the proximity or speed that you set in the POIs.

Check out Phil's Guide to setting alerts from the FAQs.

Custom POI Speed Limits

Thank you. I have read the link before. My concept is to creat automatic alerts for different speed zones within the city, so I do not have to keep looking at dash odometer to be within the speed limit and avoid getting caught by speed cameras. I believe Tom Tom units have such a feature, though I am not very sure.

Not sure about Tom Toms -

Not sure about Tom Toms - but LG has it. So does Navigon if I'm not mistaking