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Does anyone know of a device I can plug into a GPS headphone jack so I can use a wireless headset? I want to be able to hear the turn by turn directions through the earpiece while mounted on my motorcycle. It is impossible to hear the unit mounted speaker while riding. Don't tell me to get a model with bluetooth as that is for phone calls only. Garmin makes a model called Zumo but I don't want to fork out $700.00 for that model.

What kind of riding do you do?

I would think that the only option available would be the headphone units designed to work with helmets. These, of course, are hard wired. To go wireless, you will need a transmitter and receiver. You would have to wear the receiver and still end up with a wired earpiece. I don't ride with a full face helmet, there would be no way for me to overcome the wind noise to here a GPS. Another option (if you have a stereo on your bike) is get GPS that transmits over fm. Of course, you can't listen to the radio using this approach.

Dave - Annapolis, MD

Re: Wireless earphone

Motorcycle models are more expensive because they are weather resistant and built tougher to withstand heavier vibration, etc.

Although phone calls is the most commonly used Bluetooth service (a.k.a. profile) it is also used for many more things. Think of Bluetooth not in terms of phone headset, but instead as a link between devices.

With that said, Cardo Systems, a high-quality Bluetooth headset maker has the SCALA RIDER, a Bluetooth headset specifically designed for helmets and motorcycle use, that supports receiving the GPS voice instructions.


If you don't have a GPS receiver yet, I suggest you consider the TomTom RIDER 2nd edition, which includes both the Cardo Scala Rider headset and a universal RAM-mount brand bracket:


$537.58 on Amazon.com. A great deal, if you ask me.



You can plug a Bluetooth dongle into the 3.5mm audio jack of your GPS unit and then use a Bluetooth headset to hear the voice prompts.