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I opened and look at both Costco POIs, the one just for GAS stations, and then the one with both (which has 100 more stores). They both had a date of last updated July 2008, i think. However, the 2 local Costcos here near me that Ive gone to, (and which have gas stations), were not listed. They are 3-5 years old each, so im surprised they didn't make it into the list.

I suppose it is good to note that these lists are produced by 100% volunteer help, and it would be unwise to consider any POI perfectly accurate. Fun to use! Just don't make any expensive bets with friends, using them.

That was my observation about POIs. Eventually, I'll learn how to find coordinates, and addresses, and who to submit the data to, to help out. But today, im just learning the ropes of the site.

If you tell where these costcos are

They can be added... You can email miss poi and let her know....

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Re: Observation About POIs...

Hi ACougar,

The poi-factory has a wealth of information that can be accessed through the built-in search feature, on the site.

Here are two links that should get you started, in your quest for knowledge.

FAQ: Creating POI Files:

How Do I Find The Coordinates For An Address?

HTH (hope that helps) and welcome to our family...



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I recently updated the master list, but haven't submitted it

I created the file with all Costco locations - I even updated the file earlier this week, but haven't submitted it yet to POI Factory. (I'm working on updates for other files I created, and will submit them all at once.)

Which Costco locations were missing? I'll let you know if they are in my updated file.


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I didnt know the people who do the POI updates actually read these forums. Now I think about it, i suppose the maintainer name is on the download page, and i could send a personal message to them with new info.

Well, I was going to tell you that American Fork and Beaverton were missing, however.... when I just went to Costco.com, I see that they call them Lehi and Aloha (they are on city borders, so apparently in the next city over in both cases).

So if you update the super large costco file... then i was just mistaken about the names I thought were missing.

However the 2 that I know are missing from the Gas-only Costco file are:
One in Portland OR
One in Nampa ID
(both of these are correct in the superhuge full Costco file, i just verified).

I trust the full costco one now.

I look forward to your updated file! smile

I decided to check the Walmart too just now, and it looks like all the cities i know of are there. So perhaps these POIs are much better than I was thinking originally at first glance!

Thanks for all the work you do to update them. I think it will be fun once i load some up for my trip next week.

- ACougar

My mistake - I *thought* my Costco file was on here!

I thought my Costco file was on here, but I guess it's not. I know I created a list of all US & Canada locations from scratch, but maybe I forgot to actually submit it. It's a good thing, since I found that most of the Canada locations in my file were off slightly - I still can't figure out why.

I reconciled my file to the one that's posted on POI Loader, and sent updates to the creator of that file.


Cosco files

Cosco files are at

Not sure which ones you are looking for

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