Garmin has new vehicles on there site...


There hasn't been one day that I was mad that I purchased a Garmin. There always working hard on keeping there customers happy. They have fourth of July vehicles/icons... Love it.

Heres the link:


Wow, thanks!

No Prob...

I love uploading new vehicles all the time...I think I have every possible vehicle that can be used with my unit.

Thanks for the heads-up.

Thanks for the heads-up.


Thanks again for the update.

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I wonder if chipotle paid to

I wonder if chipotle paid to get an icon?

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They are Team Garmin

They are Team Garmin sponsors.


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no prob.

I've gotten enough info. myself. Feels good to give back.

Pizza anyone?

And check out that fantastic Pizza Slice vehicle. Awesome!

wink {snicker]


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POI updates

dellecma wrote:

I wonder if chipotle paid to get an icon?

Well, considering we've had a few Chipotle POI updates recently, it seems appropriate. wink

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Chipotle Burrito, funny, I

Chipotle Burrito, funny, I wonder if Garmin would take suggestions on what the next vehicle should be, if so, would anyone know where to send an email?


Thanks for the info smile

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